Our dream come true


The desire to restore the beauty of the terraces and to resume production

Verderame was born from our desire to reunite the particles of the original estate belonging to our great-grandfather, now fractionated and in ruins


A philological study among the razoles for the research of the ancient planting pattern

Our path for the recovery of the vineyards begins with a philological study of the original layout of the vineyard at the end of the nineteenth century, with the laying of hundreds of meters of wire between the razors, which subsequently allowed us to plant the new vineyard with the ‘exact sixth original


A wine made in the vineyard, which respects the vintage

The work on Etna and near Passopisciaro is not easy, starting from working the vines on the terraces, a “heroic” cultivation, as fascinating as it is complicated. We don’t ask for more than one kilogram of grapes for each plant, we respect the vintage, avoiding giving too much impact to the wine with work in the cellar

The time and dedication that we spend a year in the vineyard allow us to create a well-finished wine full of emotions, a wine that has been listened to, a wine that tastes of commitment and dedication, in short, a wine that knows how to tell

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Verderame di Lanzafame Patrizia

Contrada Moganazzi
95012 – Passopisciaro
Castiglione di Sicilia
Etna Nord
Catania – Italy
P.IVA: 05956470875

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