Authentic expression of the Etna area

Wines produced in limited editions that know how to tell a territory


Among layers of lava flows from thousands of years ago, our centenary vines make room for their roots

On Etna the vines manage to sink their roots even up to thirty meters, making space between the various lava layers that characterize our terroir. Our centenary Nerello Mascalese plants plant their roots in lava soil, with an underground river


Authentic expression of the volcanic territory and of the district with a unique terroir

Our wine is able to express emotions, to tell its territory. Our wines are divided into districts, each of these tells its own story. In the cellar we use steel and the right wood to give space to the vine


An estate handed down from generation to generation that finally regains its original charm

The original estate, with an estimated size of about 4 hectares in Contrada Moganazzi, was split up and abandoned. In the following years it was reunited and with a philological study of the original sixth, re-stitched to the new systems


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Verderame di Lanzafame Patrizia

Contrada Moganazzi
95012 – Passopisciaro
Castiglione di Sicilia
Etna Nord
Catania – Italy
P.IVA: 05956470875

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