Etna and Territory

Etna, the island within the island


The oenology of Etna is defined as “an island within an island”

Defined in this way due to the presence of many micro-terroirs within that of Etna, which make this territory inimitable and its different wines recognizable and appreciated all over the world


Moganazzi, at the center of Etna excellence

Our vineyards are located in the Moganazzi district, Passopiasciaro, on the northern slope of the volcano.

Our vineyard has two different terroirs, between the particle of the vineyards located higher up and those further down

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Verderame di Lanzafame Patrizia

Contrada Moganazzi
95012 – Passopisciaro
Castiglione di Sicilia
Etna Nord
Catania – Italy
P.IVA: 05956470875

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