How our vineyard is handed down over time


A wine production dating back to the late nineteenth century

It all began when in 1870 Remigia Camardi, descendant of the Vigo family from Acireale, married Michele Leonardi. The original estate of Moganazzi, about four hectares large, belonged to them, and has always been used for the production of wine.

Remigia and Michele will have nine children, of whom only two: Virginia and Sebastiano, will inherit the estate in 1910, then a progressive decline begins, the land is divided up and the heirs in part leave the land to their own fate leading to the disappearance of large areas of vineyard.


The people who once loved these vineyards as we do today

Our great-grandfather Sebastiano Leonardi, famous in the area for whizzing between the districts on board his flaming red motorbike, who in addition to taking care of these same plants until his death in 1969, had his own company to rent raining machines in Rovittello

Our grandmother Michela, deeply in love with nature and this estate, together with her husband Tony, take back the abandoned vineyards after a long time


The purchase of the only original parcel still productive with centenary sapling vines

The first step towards the reunification of the original estate was taken by our grandfather Tony, by purchasing the vineyard called “La Fossa”, a historical name which underlines its lower position compared to the rest of the district.

The only particle of the original vineyard still resisting, with plants ranging between 90 and over 100 years old, some of which were found ungrafted


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